Buddy the Borador tackles his toughest challenge yet, the Disney princess McNuggets challengeHave a look at this funny puppy footage relating to Buddy the Borador, Bella the Beagle, Flossy the Shihtzu and Marley the Mutt as they battle it out to get the crownWho will win️? Lightning United - OR Not Fast, Just Furious How can they win ? MC Donald… Read More

Are you worried that you may have a problem with alcohol or drugs? According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA's) National Survey on Drug Use and Health , 23.5 million people in the United States aged twelve or older needed treatment for a drug or alcohol abuse problem in 2009.Whether these deficits predated… Read More

Per a special condition on the FFY2015 VOCA-Victims Assistance Formula program, all non-profit sub-recipients of VOCA Assistance funding under this award must agree to make their financial statements available online. This requires victims to cooperate with reasonable requests of law enforcement and submit a timely application to the compensation p… Read More

Gender roles are cultural and personal. Male roles in advertising are redefined as well - British commercial of a cleanser called Ajax presents handsome men cleaning kitchen with this product; in the other example a man is striping for his girlfriend and then throws his clothes in the washing machine called Ariston.The processes by which gender id… Read More

This tutorial provides a quick introduction to using Spark. We're making the power and capabilities of Spark - and a new platform for creating big data analytics and application design - available to developers, data scientists, and business analysts, who previously had to deal with IT for support or simply do without.In addition, an extension of t… Read More